Legal Divorce Mediation & Family Legal Services in NY & NJ

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Divorce Mediation Services and Family Law Services in New York & New Jersey

Divorce mediation is the cornerstone of all the services provided by Alexander Mediation Group.  In mediation and family legal services couples work with a mediator to work out the terms of their divorce.  

A mediator is a neutral third party who can help couples define the precise parameters of their divorce.  As part of these legal mediation services, your mediator will help you complete all your legal paperwork.

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As post-divorce families work together to raise children and manage related financial concerns, a range of issues requiring consideration may arise.  Mediation can be a considerably more cost effective and amicable way to engage in problem solving with an ex-spouse.  

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divorce mediation servicesDrafting Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Through Mediation

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are agreements made prior to marriage.  These agreements typically clarify and qualify certain financial items of importance to the engaged couple.  

Prenups are often viewed as unromantic or untrusting, but because financial matters are one of the greatest strains on every relationship, creating a prenuptial agreement can be understood as one of the most responsible and conscientious ways of protecting and honoring the relationship.  

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Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements are agreements made after marriage.  As with prenups, postnuptial agreements often deal with financial matters, including the designation of premarital assets and defining of separate business interests.

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Divorce Mediation Services — Representation in Cooperative Divorces

In a mediation-friendly or amicable divorce, there are occasions when you may wish to retain counsel who specializes in family legal services.  Alexander Mediation Group is happy to represent you during your divorce and negotiate with your spouse’s counsel on your behalf.

We understand how stressful any legal proceedings can be, so we strive to be available and to discuss your concerns as they arise.  Our objective is to bring your matter to a positive, equitable, and fair resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Legal Divorce Mediation & Family Legal Services in NJ & NY - Alexander Mediation Group

Monthly Divorce Support Group Open to Clients and the Community

Our monthly support group meets on the first Monday of each month from 7 PM – 8:30 PM.  This Divorce Support Group is open to anyone affected by issues of divorce.  

The Divorce Support Group is a place for individuals to come together and share in a solution-focused, empathic environment.  Co-facilitated by a mental health professional and a divorce attorney/mediator, the group is open to professionals and laypeople alike.  This means you may receive an array of both personal and professional insights.  

The emphasis of the group is on compassion towards oneself.  This group is provided as a free service by Alexander Mediation Group and its affiliates.  

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Ongoing Client Support and Legal Mediation Services

We are here before, during, and after your mediation.  Once you are our client, you are our client for as long as you need us.  

If something comes up for you, we are available.
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Review and Drafting of Marital Settlement Agreements

Another one of the divorce mediation services that we offer is the drafting or review of marital settlement agreements.  

For clients who have been through mediation with a different mediator, or who have had their property settlement agreement drafted by another divorce lawyer, we review the agreement, go over it with you, and ensure it fully reflects your intentions and represents your rights.  

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Legal Divorce Mediation & Family Legal Services in NY - Alexander Mediation Group marital settlement

Other Divorce Mediation Services — Filing in New York and New Jersey.


Whether we have done your mediation entirely through our office or you have done a portion of your divorce elsewhere, we can file all the necessary papers for you to complete your divorce in New York or New Jersey.  

We will walk you through the steps in a simple, genial manner, doing away with some of the harsh formalities that can be off-putting and unnecessary.  We streamline the process, handling all administrative details of the filing.

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Other Family Legal Services: Stipulation and Marital Settlement Agreement Modifications

Whether we have worked with you on your mediation or not, if you find that you need to make a change to your stipulation or marital settlement agreement or something needs to be modified post divorce, we can help you negotiate and then draft a modification of your agreement.

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