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In a cooperative divorce, mediation-friendly divorce, or amicable divorce, there are occasions when someone may wish to be represented by counsel. While most of our practice is mediation, and our preferred modality of conflict resolution is mediation, sometimes mediation is simply impossible.  In these cases, a cooperative divorce may be the only remaining option because mediation is strictly voluntary.

In such a case, where one party is unwilling to mediate, we represent the individual and negotiate with the other attorney on your behalf. While working closely with you, we aim to communicate effectively with opposing counsel in order to negotiate a favorable settlement that resolves all marital issues.

Rachel is a licensed attorney in NJ and NY (as well as MD).  She has built her practice around working with couples through mediation but is well-credentialed to represent clients as an attorney.  When she does so, she is influenced by her strong background in alternative dispute resolution and works diligently to reach a settlement without unnecessary court involvement and gratuitous costs.

Most often, it is not in your best interest to “have your day in court.”  Not only is litigation expensive but a judge will make decisions for you.  It is much better to collaborate or mediate as these both can put you in the driver’s seat of decisions and planning for your family and future.  

Given that the vast majority of cases are settled outside of the courtroom, either through mediation or through negotiation during divorce, this may be the best option for your unique situation.  We understand how stressful any legal proceedings can be, so we strive to be available to discuss your concerns as they arise during the legal proceedings.

Our objective is to bring your matter to a positive closure in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cooperative Divorce Through a Mediation Lens

Although we consider mediation to be the optimal method for settling divorce issues, a cooperative divorce may be necessary if your particular situation has escalated.

Even so, we will still approach your case from a mediation perspective, striving to keep the goals client-centered, avoiding an adversarial style of negotiation.

We work to make cooperative divorce as harmonious as possible, making sure that the family system is served.  The best interests of you, your family, and your spouse will be the focus, not the lawyers’.

Cooperative Divorce that Is Timely, Efficient, and Caring

Unlike the traditional adversarial approach to divorce, our approach to cooperative divorce respects both your time and money. Rather than coming from a bellicose, warlike position, trying to extract the greatest deal possible from the opposing party (and racking up large legal bills along the way), we work efficiently to reach a fair and equitable resolution for both parties.

Everyone has needs, and the needs of all parties will be kept central to the conversation, avoiding any party being victimized at the hands of the other. One of our focuses for a cooperative divorce through Alexander Mediation is reducing costs to keep your entire financial picture intact.  We help you evaluate whether the costs of pursuing certain remedies are a good investment or whether we should concentrate resources on other areas.

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Cooperative Divorce and Legal Fees

Mediation is geared toward reducing harm and increasing the chances for a positive outcome. WeA white surrender flag. understand the law, and we will guide you through your divorce while keeping unnecessary and inefficient legal processes to a minimum.

Your cooperative divorce will be practical—we avoid fighting for a principle if the end result will not ultimately serve your greater goals and will be at a cost of a great deal of money.  If it’s not beneficial to you, your spouse, or your children, we will advise against it.

Your best interests are always central, including your financial best interests. Working with a holistic picture in mind, we help you navigate the most efficient and cost-effective route available, a route less experienced lawyers, or those trained only in the adversarial model,  may not see (or may deliberately eschew to increase revenue).

By circumventing a win/lose, either/or approach and focusing instead on a positive resolution for all parties, you’ll complete your divorce at a fraction of the cost of a traditional divorce.  A cooperative divorce regards your family as a single unit, understanding that a choice detrimental to one party can compromise the well-being of the whole family.

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