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Dear Clients:

This will be the link you use to schedule all your mediation sessions and any related meetings.  Please bookmark or save the link so you can find it easily whenever needed. 

Please note, although appointments are automatically set for uniform time slots of an hour and a half, meeting times will vary depending on your needs, what we are covering during the session, and the availability of all participants. 

Usually, we will schedule our next meeting at the end of each session, however, when we do not, this link is your go-to.

When scheduling, please allow yourself a time-cushion before and after the session.  Whenever possible, aim to schedule so you have a little time to settle before session and some breathing room after session.  Sandwiching sessions between other important commitments can increase anxiety and distractibility during our time together.  Clearing a time-path for yourself is an act of kindness and a practice aligning you with fundamental underpinnings of the work we will do.

Recommendations to optimize your time in mediation:

Organize what you will need to make you more comfortable during our time together.  Some items to have at hand include:

  • Computer or laptop for Zoom

  • A notebook or paper for notes

  • Pen or other writing instrument

  • Documents to which we will be referring, such as “homework” or papers requested from the prior session, questions that occurred to you between sessions

  • Beverage (snacks are also welcome).

Prior to the session, give yourself a moment to settle.  Use this time to:

  • Note anything that you want to be certain to share with the mediator or other party.

  • Make a note of anything interfering with your concentration –  perhaps a reminder of something you must do after our meeting –  so you can set it aside.  

Giving yourself a little time around sessions can ease anxiety and pressure so you can maximize your attention to the substance of our meetings and enhance your effectiveness in engaging in creative thinking.

After the session allow at least 10 to 15 minutes before you must attend to other obligations.  In the immediate aftermath of a session, the issues discussed may shift, reorient, and reveal new aspects.  An important part of this work happens between meetings.  Give yourself a is few minutes to digest the session and pay attention to what arises.

Thank you for your trust in working with us and for your cooperation and collaboration in the administrative aspect of scheduling your mediations. 

We hope this makes scheduling easier.

If you need to schedule a regular mediation appointment – which is a paid appointment that is 1.5 – 2 hours long – you can do that below:

Click Here