Modification of Child Support In NJ & NY

Modification of child support in NJ or in NY can often be indicated when one or both parents experience a change in their life circumstances, or if there are changes with one or more of the children. Some parents also opt to review child support every two years or so, or according to their state’s recommendations or mandates.  Parents with fluid circumstances – such as those early in their careers or just transitioning from professional training into the workforce where their incomes will vary – may wish to review child support with greater regularity.  Some might be parents with young children, whose needs will continue to evolve as they grow, at times affecting the financial support required.  

Modification of Child Support - Alexander Mediation GroupHere are several examples of circumstances that would warrant a child support review and potential modification of child support in NJ or NY:

  • The parties agreed to a regular review as advised in state law or otherwise in their divorce agreement
  • A parent’s employment status changed
  • A parent’s income increased or decreased
  • A parent remarried
  • A child begins engaging in an expensive extracurricular activity
  • A child requires significant academic assistance
  • A child evidences the need for emotional, behavioral or developmental support not contemplated in the original agreement and requires funding
  • A parent is seeking to relocate

Changes like these and the support ramifications are best handled through mediation.  When there is a serious change in the living situation (your children are spending much more time with you or your spouse than before, for example), then modification of child support may be warranted.

We always begin in child-centered mediation with consideration of your children, and child support modification in NJ may be warranted if the current arrangements require a change.

Modification of Child Support In NJ Doesn’t Have to Be An Entire Modification

Depending on the significance and impact of the change, a complete, written modification may not be necessary.  For example, if a parent moves residences without adding significantly to travel time or affecting the custody arrangement, nothing may need be addressed in writing.  However, in New York and New Jersey, where congestion (and jug handles) can augment regular travel time, a move of even a few miles further from the other parent’s residence can significantly impact a shared custody arrangement and thus child support.  When children are sharing time between residences, the distance of the homes can be an important factor and can increase stress and strain, especially on young children.

Modification of Child Support In NJ & NY - Alexander Mediation GroupOther changes in circumstance over time may also warrant a modification of child support in NJ and NY.  Arrangements that worked seamlessly during infancy may no longer be operative once your child enters school.

All these issues can be negotiated, and an addendum to the original agreement can be filed with the court as necessary.

However, mediation can mitigate and often eliminate the need for any substantial court involvement.  If you’re looking for a modification of child support in NJ or NY, working through the issues in mediation can help avoid the need to petition the court for intervention.

Mediation always considers the dynamic nature of child rearing and addresses custody and support arrangements accordingly.  A modification of child support in NJ or NY can always be revisited if things need to be tweaked or adjusted.

Completing a Detailed Analysis of a Proposed Modification of Child Support in NJ & NY Can Help Determine The Best Course of Action

For these sometimes difficult cases, mediation proceeds thoughtfully, evaluating each factor involved, before arriving at an appropriate modification of child support.  When all the variables have been analyzed, we can adopt a modification that is agreeable to all parties and addresses the specific needs of your children.

If you’re seeking a modification of child support in NJ or NY, click here to contact us today.  Learn how mediation can help you navigate this huge change in your life.