Post Divorce Mediation

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As your children grow older or circumstances in your life change, you may wish to renegotiate the terms of your divorce, including alimony, child support, custody, or parenting. Post-divorce mediation can help you negotiate new terms that are fair and equitable and suit your new circumstances.

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Post-divorce mediation can be the most cost-effective and appropriate approach to resolving your issues. By mediating, you can:

  • Save money
  • Avoid court
  • Protect your relationship with your former spouse, and
  • Protect your children from acrimony

Mediation promotes effective communication and cooperation, both of which reduce pressure and nurture the family.

Post-Divorce Mediation When Life Changes

Life changes after divorce. You or your former spouse may get a new job, meet a new partner, get married, or want to move to another state. You or your former spouse may undergo a drastic change in income, or even retire.

When life changes, the amount of spousal support or child support may need to be adjusted accordingly.  Post-divorce mediation – instead of expensive and potentially damaging litigation — is a superior alternative.  

Families are living entities, changing and evolving over time.  Many issues that arise are pragmatic in nature and best resolved by the parties themselves.  Rather than filing a motion with the court and receiving a judgement you may not like, post-divorce mediation allows parties to discuss potential changes and arrive at an agreement that suits them both.  In mediation, both parties work together and discuss, modify, amend, or develop an addendum to their agreement. This new writing can serve as guidance moving forward.

Post Divorce Mediation Can Be Critical When One Party Wants to Move Out of State

Relocation sought in court can be an arduous post-divorce experience.  Relocation is among the most difficult issues family courts are asked to decide.  Post-divorce mediation can be a better venue to analyze the choices available to families when a move will affect parenting time and even custody.

Post-Divorce Mediation May Be Necessary As Children Age

Post Divorce Mediation - Alexander Mediation GroupThe needs of a family with an infant contrast dramatically with the needs of a family with middle school age, teenage or college age children.  Many issues that arise can make a change to the divorce agreement necessary.  For instance, if a child is struggling in his school, it may be best for the child to switch to another school with additional resources, thus requiring an adjustment to the agreed upon parenting and custody arrangement.

Whereas judges do not have the time or resources (nor is it their role) to sit with the parties for extended periods and evaluate their situations before helping generate a variety of solutions, that is precisely the mediator’s job.  Post-divorce mediation is often a constructive process that considers the needs of all parties.  It can address issues that may not rise to the level of legal issues to be brought before a court, but are nonetheless of crucial importance to your family.  Such issues may include disparate parenting styles, introducing a new adult figure to the children, or challenges facing one of your children.

No One Can See The Future

Because it is impossible for anyone to know how the circumstances of a family will change with time, post-divorce mediation is often necessary.  If your situation has changed and you are ready to work out the issues with your spouse, click here to contact us for a free consultation today.