Drafting and Filing Documents

Filing of New Jersey & New York Divorces

typewriterWhether we have done your mediation or you have done a portion of your divorce elsewhere, we can file all the necessary papers for you to complete your divorce in New York or New Jersey.

We will walk you through the steps in a gentle manner doing away with some of the harsh formalities that can be off putting and unpleasant.

We streamline the process, handling all administrative detail for the filing.

All you have to do is sign the papers.

New Jersey

New Jersey requires a court appearance.

Preparation includes a pre-court conference call to prepare the client or clients for that appearance.

New York

Filings require multiple, complicated papers and procedures in order to be processed for New York.

We handle the multiple papers and nuances, including handling all of the administrative work and mailings. New York does not require an appearance in order to obtain a divorce.