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Divorce Support Group

Alexander Mediation Group free monthly divorce support group open to everyone, specifically serving New York the HAMPTONS, LONG ISLAND – via Zoom!

This divorce support group in NY  & NJ is now open to everyone currently struggling with divorce-related issues.  Whether in the midst of divorce, on the verge, or two years out of a divorce, this group is an excellent resource for anyone experiencing divorce-related problems such as communicating with your ex-spouse, co-parenting or financial entanglements.

Divorce Support Group in NJ - Alexander Mediation Group

Navigating the turbulent world of divorce?
You are not alone. Help is here.

A Divorce Support Group In New York & New Jersey  Facilitated By Professionals

Facilitated by Rachel Alexander, Esq., CFP (Cerfified Focusing Professional), this peer support group is a confidential place to openly discuss divorce-related problems and receive feedback from others who have dealt with similar situations.

Although divorce is not uncommon, it can still be an alienating and isolating experience.  Antidotal to a sense of aloneness is coming together in a group; that’s one of the reasons we believed a divorce support group in NY & NJ was necessary.  Marriage is still associated with social structure and status, financial benefit, and belonging. Even when a marriage is ending for good reason, divorce is often disconcerting and disorienting.  The loss of not only the marital relationship, but all that surrounds and is identified with it, can profoundly affect divorcing individuals.

In a divorce support group, listening and sharing with others in similar circumstances can be constructive and normalizing, contributing to healing.  

You Can Get Support In This Unique Divorce Support Group That Family Members Often Can’t Provide

Divorce Support Group in NJ - Alexander Mediation Group

While some people are blessed with supportive family and friends, many find that they are remarkably alone when it comes to their divorce.  Sometimes even a substantial support system feels insufficient when it comes to the overwhelming, ongoing crises presented by divorce. Certainly, the more substantial and multitiered your support group, the better.  However, in order to sufficiently address the emotional issues, having a professional, therapeutic component is often essential. A support group offers a therapeutic, helping community – the group itself is a curative component of the healing process.

Regardless of how plentiful (or wanting) your available reinforcements seem, having additional support during this time is usually a good idea.  When you feel supported, you are more able to make grounded decisions and give more to those who depend upon you. This makes finding a divorce support group in NY & NJ even more critical.

Sharing concerns, feelings and experiences in a confidential, open, non-judgmental environment can be productive—it can help you alleviate isolation and increase hope and perspective.

How Our Divorce Support Group In NY & NJ Works

Our solution-focused group emphasizes problem solving and compassion towards oneself and one another.  The floor is open to relevant topics that are causing distress or concern to participants.  

All are welcome to attend the meeting and discover fellowship amongst understanding members of the community.  Participation can be an excellent way to practice self-nurturing and self-care, and remind us that this behavior is not only acceptable but required!

This divorce support group in NY & NJ is free of charge and open to the community; in order to maintain group integrity, an RSVP is required.


Free of charge

You must RSVP to attend


7-8:30 PM EST


Please note upcoming meeting schedule so you can mark you calendars in advance!

Divorce Support Group in NJ - Alexander Mediation Group


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CONDUCTED ONLINE VIA VIDEO CONFERENCE, USING Zoom.  Zoom is excellent video conferencing software that is easy to use.

Before the Call: 

  • Install Zoom by clicking here
  • At the time of the meeting, all you need to do is click on the link you received via email and the meeting will start for you.
  • Please choose a private quiet place for our meeting.  Use earphones if possible.
  • Prefer not to be on video? You can turn off your camera. If you cannot call in by computer – you can call in by phone.
  • Sign up for the support group email list here to receive the AMG monthly reminder emails and Zoom links to attend meetings.
  • If you have not received the link, please contact Rachel at 908-310-3397 as soon as possible and before 6:30pm on the night of the meeting. 


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  • "It has been very helpful knowing there are others going through similar situations. Rachel has been a great leader offering her wealth of legal knowledge"
  • "I found your meetings extremely helpful"
  • "So incredibly helpful in so many ways. From emotional support to legal guidance. I was very fortunate to find and attend your group!!!!!"
  • "It is so helpful to be able to share with others who have had the same experience."
  • "I get to hear other stories and how the process is going."
  • "Rachel's DSG (Divorce Support Group) has been very helpful to me. She is a compassionate person and is very knowledgeable in family law. She has always been very giving of her time and the group have been very supportive of me in this very trying time."

Disclaimer: The purpose of this divorce support group in NJ is for peer support only. This group is not a forum for legal advice nor will attendance at one or more groups establish an attorney/client relationship between any participant and Rachel Alexander or the Alexander Mediation Group. The purpose of the unique divorce support group in NJ is to address a perceived need in the community and is not a solicitation for legal services.