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Califon / Long Valley (Hunterdon County), NJ
Morristown, (Morris County), NJ
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Helping Couples Help Themselves Since 1983

Former Director: Michael Grodjeski, Esq.

Fully Accredited Divorce and Family Mediator
New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators

The Center for Mediation Solutions seeks to assist separating and divorcing couples to work together in developing their own marital agreement leading to a uncontested divorce.

Divorce mediation is a kinder and fairer way to divorce. It is faster, more affordable, and completely confidential.  Mediation is beneficial for children, reduces conflict, and avoids the huge cost of attorney fees associated with a contested divorces.  Mediation
minimizes the additional emotional distress of contested divorces, by giving both parties control over their lives, and the divorce process.

When you choose to mediate it is you who will make the decisions about your divorce—not the judge or the lawyers.

With the help of an experienced, trained and accredited mediator, you will decide and resolve your separation and divorce issues, including questions of:

  • Residence
  • Parenting (custody/visitation)
  • Child Support (Utilizing child support guidelines)
  • Spousal support
  • Fair and equitable division of marital assets and debts

10 good reasons to choose mediation:

  1. Mediation is family oriented – when the couple can agree, the children are the winners.
  2. Mediation promotes communication — not distrust.
  3. Mediation empowers people, giving them control over their own decisions.
  4. Mediation encourages fairness — not selfishness.
  5. Mediation fosters mutual cooperation — not hostility.
  6. Mediation is therapeutic, but not therapy.
  7. Mediation is confidential.
  8. Mediation is usually quicker than traditional divorce.
  9. Mediation is usually less costly than traditional divorce.
  10. Mediated agreements are more likely to be honored by both parties in the future, thus minimizing the risk of return trips to court.

Michael Grodjeski, Esq. is an experienced, fully accredited divorce and family mediator as well as a licensed attorney.  He has assisted hundreds of divorcing families to resolve their separation and divorce issues in a fair and equitable way without the expense of divorce lawyers or the trauma of a court battle.

Our center is centrally located in Middlesex County, New Jersey and
offers both day and night appointments.

Your separation and/or divorce doesn’t have to make you legal adversaries!  Let us help you ensure that this won’t be the case—for your sake and for the sake of your children.

Call us today to set up an appointment:(732) 632-9700



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