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See share screen icon above in GREEN


SHARE SCREEN.  This is a useful option when participants want to share a document – from an excel spreadsheet, bullet point list, to a powerpoint presentation, that they have prepared in advance of the meeting, which can be useful in illustrating issues and items for discussion.

  • Have the docs you want to share available on your screen before the meeting to avoid searching, and close other documents, wedsites, etc. On your screen to protect your privacy and the privacy of others.
  • Share screen icon – this icon usually appears at the bottom center of your zoom screen (depending upon your device), click on it to share your screen. To stop sharing screen, there is a notification at the top of the screen that will ask if you wish to stop sharing, simply click on this when you wish to return to the regular zoom screen.
  • If you are on a different screen or different document on your device, simply click the zoom icon on the bottom of your screen to return to zoom screen. This is a good thing to remember to always bring you “home” to rejoin the meeting and be able to see the other participants.
  • There are other features, however, your mediator or meeting leader will walk you through these should they be needed. The important thing is to gain a basic comfort level with zoom so it can support (rather than frustrate) your mediation process.
  • Zoom isn’t perfect. If the application is nonresponsive to a command, such as you are unable to unmute yourself after multiple attempts, simply exit the Zoom meeting, by clicking on the “Leave Meeting” option at the right corner of your screen, and then, using the same link you used to enter the meeting, come back to the meeting. This usually works to resolve an issue, as a last resort.
  • Occasionally, you may not see all the icons and options on your Zoom screen. If this happens, try to switch out of the full screen option, and more options will reappear on your computer screen. Scrolling around the corners of the screen may also help.