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What’s Your Story? Here’s Mine.

Rachel Alexander Dec. 12, 2013

Years ago, when I went through my own divorce, I found myself at sea (alone and on a rather shoddy raft).

This was particularly surprising because, at the time of my divorce I was an attorney, extensively trained in civil mediation, with multiple connections in the field. Yet, despite my background and contacts, I experienced isolation and overwhelm. For whatever reasons, I was unable to secure any kind of authentic reassurance.

I remember saying, “If I had a million dollars, I would give it to somebody if they would simply take my hand and say, with conviction, ‘This is going to be okay.’”

Traveling these uncharted waters, I became aware of how much more difficult it must be for others without the benefit of my background. If I do nothing else for people with my professional life, I would like to provide that support and encouragement that, “This is going to be okay.” That doesn’t mean it isn’t knotty for a while. It means things will shake out and everything, including you, will be better.

Having survived it myself, I know this to be true.

My experience was not so unusual. My needs are not that different from any other human being’s. To be able to have some reassurance, someone beside you kind of rolling up their sleeves and getting in there with you is invaluable. I am committed to providing this.

During my divorce, I endeavored to identify what support I needed, and then struggled to locate it. To determine the resources needed and access to them is an integral part of this process. I am committed to facilitating this.

I felt isolated and wanted contact with others going through the same process. I craved a community or support group that could mitigate the sense of aloneness. I am committed to building this.

Now familiar with these waters myself, I am committed to navigating them with you.

This is going to be okay.