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Long-Term Solutions

Rachel Alexander May 6, 2016

Alexander Mediation Group is a resource for clients and past clients alike.  When,  over time, circumstances change which affect your divorce agreement, or creates new wrinkles, you may need family law attorneys to help address the situation.

If you chose mediation for your divorce, you are in a good position.  You will likely be able to return to mediation to resolve future changes and amendments to the original agreement.  If you mediated your divorce, you likely have a good working relationship with your spouse.  That will make changes to the terms of your divorce simpler, swifter, and less costly.

Finding the Emotional Support You Need

Divorce, even an amicable divorce, can be isolating and painful.  We know our clients’ journey does not end when they leave our office or receive their Final Judgment of Divorce.  Neither does our commitment to their future well being.

Our free monthly divorce support group is available to all who wish to join.  At the divorce support group, you’ll find individuals who have been attending for a long time, finding it valuable, as well as newcomers who are investigating the group for the first time.  While all participants are at different stages of the process, and have had varied experiences, the similarities are astounding, and most attendees benefit from the opportunity to strongly identify with the experiences of others.  When you find resonance with a group, you are no longer alone in the same way.

Click here to learn more about our divorce support group and how it can help you be better sooner.