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Inner Architecture — The Resource of Your Own Imagination

Rachel Alexander, April 26, 2018

Transcript of Attunement

Just taking a moment to find a comfortable place to sit or stand. In this attunement, we’re going to take a tour through our own inner self, our own body and all that it encompasses, as if we were architectural structures.

As you settle into this space, slowing down, feel your sitz bones and your own weight relax. Feel your feet in contact with the ground. Let your body settle into space. Let your emotions settle. Welcome your awareness. Settle into yourself.

Begin to imagine what kind of structure you might like to visit. Whether it would be your own home, your own body, or anywhere you would like to visit. It could be a favorite museum, a dear friend’s home, or a Welsh castle. A place of comfort and security or a place of wonder.  Somewhere very far or somewhere quite familiar.

Allowing your imagination to arrive at a space in which you’d like to spend a few minutes.

Just as we might walk through a darkened home or mansion or magnificent venue of some kind, turning a light on as we go through each room until we have illuminated the entire house, so we are allowing our attention to lead us through the environment that is us. That holds and contains what is more than us. Lingering and taking in each space as we light it with our attention.

Maybe you picture holding a torch to light the medieval chandeliers of your castle, or carrying an oil can to light gas lanterns, or with your hand to flip on the dimmer switches on the walls of each room of your contemporary you-home, we will illuminate by bringing our awareness throughout.

Pausing a moment and noticing the whole feel of the structure that you have chosen or that has chosen you. Spending a moment right here.

Observing our inner architecture with the same attitude we might wander through a curious structure, illuminating each room. Giving attention to the space and allowing our sense of it — our feel and impression of it — to settle gently in us.

In this way, you might just enter into the foyer of your place. You might wish to spend the whole time right here. Sense into what your body wants. At your own pace, you might begin to wander, lightly holding the attitude of gentle interest as you would go through a new space or even a familiar space with this new awareness. See if you can allow a bit of reverence to come in as you stroll through the creation of your own inner world. This is the focusing attitude and the focusing way we might foster right now.

Taking all the time you’d like to explore, resting into, maybe luxuriating in this new disposition, appreciating both the subject matter, and the way in which you are relating to the subject matter.

Perhaps, before closing, you might take a few moments to get a bodily sense of what it would be like to carry this attitude forward into some of your day. Perhaps you could recall it when relating with yourself, with others, with your work. Perhaps in a resting pause, a breath, now and again.

And when you are ready, begin to bring your awareness into your fingertips, eyebrows, tops of shoulders, and into the environment around you. Opening your eyes if they were closed. Holding all that came and is possible as we bring our time together to a close.