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4 Tips to Let the Light in But Keep the Bugs Out

Rachel Alexander Nov. 14, 2013

Are you the kind of person whose first thought when something goes awry is, “What did I do wrong?” If so, take heed.

  1. Permission granted to start thinking, “It’s not me, it’s you (or them).” You are allowed to give yourself some planned pauses or deliberate breaks from self analysis.

  2. The people who are the most sensitive and introspective, first look at themselves. The people who could really benefit from looking at themselves, don’t. If you are one of these people (completely devoid of self criticism and introspection), you might as well stop reading now. Otherwise, contact your IT guy and have him reset your default settings to answer the question, “What did I do wrong?” and then go back to number 1.

  3. If you are a person who looks within at what your part is, you need to be very discerning about whose input you accept regarding information about yourself. If your tendency is to attack yourself, you really want to evaluate the source of the information. Who is volunteering the information and where are they coming from? A critique by someone should not automatically be interpreted as useful information or constructive criticism. It might be distorted, inaccurate, and even harmful. It’s wonderful to be open, but let’s carefully choose what you open yourself up to.

  4. If you tend to be sensitive and self aware, be thoughtful about what you take in. The likelihood is that things go in very easily and are accepted as truth. It is important to set up some thick screens that will let the light in but keep the bugs out.