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A Holistic Process

A Holistic Process - Alexander Mediation GroupThe traditional approach to divorce by family law attorneys is usually far from holistic.  Many divorce lawyers in NJ and family law attorneys focus only on what immediately benefits their client, not considering the interrelatedness of the family system and what serves their client in the long term.  In mediation, we are conscious of how the well being of each of the family members is interdependent.  When one client “prevails,” the winning party still has to work together with the defeated party and depend upon them for such things as complying with the terms of the agreement and co-parenting the children.  

A licensed attorney in New Jersey, New York and Maryland, Rachel Alexander has a background in social work and multiple therapeutic modalities.  Her expertise and years of experience uniquely qualify her to anticipate, identify and address underlying issues in mediation to better resolve legal and financial matters.

We Look At The Forest And The Trees

We have been practicing divorce mediation in NJ for a long time.  We know how all the pieces work, and we know how to coordinate everything fluidly and flawlessly.  Taking a different approach from most family law attorneys, we work to get a settlement agreement finalized before involving the court.   

With mediation, we handle drafting and mailing the divorce documents and preparing you for your uncontested hearing.  By streamlining the process and approaching your divorce in a step by step process, we breakdown what might otherwise seem overwhelming, freeing you to focus on resolving issues.

A Holistic Process - Alexander Mediation GroupDealing With Issues, Not Divorce Papers

Mediation is about human beings, not paperwork.  Traditional divorces start a chain of events that take on a momentum of their own.  Filing deadlines and court mandates loom and bring anxiety and confusion.

Alexander Mediation Group manages the paperwork and process while you focus on what’s best for you.

Mediation covers all the items dealt with in a divorce — including child support, parenting plans, finance, assets, debt and alimony.  Mediation also includes non-legal issues implicit in divorce, such as communication, protecting your children, and establishing your post-divorce fundamentals.  We work closely with other professionals such as therapists, mortgage brokers, realtors, accountants, financial managers and actuaries, who understand the benefits of mediation and practice the same client-centered approach to which we adhere.  We work closely with other professionals and disciplines, liasioning with them on behalf of our clients, to best provide service and support, providing a tailored team as needed.

This is what we mean by a holistic approach.  

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