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Still Saving You More Than Money

Still Saving You More Than Money - Alexander Mediation GroupMediation is often significantly less expensive than a divorce. The cost of a contested divorce can vary widely, but some experts estimate that they start around $20,000, and go up from there.

By contrast, mediation is a fraction of the cost of an adversarial divorce.  A divorce mediation in NJ can cost less than half of even a simple uncontested divorce, with most NJ mediated divorces costing well below $10,000. In addition, mediation clients pay as they go, at the end of each session, instead of getting monthly invoices.  And, as mediation clients pay as they go, mediation participants finalize their divorces without facing a daunting accumulation of legal bills.  

Litigation can often be so costly that it drives parties deeply into debt (after wiping out their savings and their children’s college funds).  In a mediated divorce, resources are spared and can be used as intended, for the furtherance of the family’s goals.  This is among the ways mediation protects families and adheres to a client-centered model.

Mediation helps prevent financial hardship in the future, for both you and your children.

Saving You Time

Once you’re on the adversarial track in the NJ court system, you are bound by the court’s schedule.  You will receive notices by mail for obligatory meetings, filings and hearings.  Among these are the filing of an answer, submitting requested forms and documentation, Case Management Conference and Early Settlement Panel, and so on.  TStill Saving You More Than Money - Alexander Mediation Grouphe court system operates as a bureaucratic machine; your individual schedule and timetable must work around it.  If you need more time to complete something, you must contact the court and request it.  Court dates are set during normal business hours, forcing parties to miss work, time with children, or other activities in order to attend hearings. This can be stressful and disruptive, taking a central role in your life to the detriment of your other obligations.  Rather than processing things at your preferred pace, you are now on another timeline altogether.  Navigating the system is taxing enough, but when all the major marital issues are as yet unaddressed and unresolved, litigants can experience their lives unraveling into chaos.

Mediation is much different.

Your time is your own—we understand the disruption even a good divorce brings and know you need to carry on with as much normalcy around your work and home schedules as possible.  We aim to support this by offering evening and weekend appointments and working with your schedule and at your pace.  

With mediation, your time is yours—you determine the pace of the process. There is no one size fits all formula.  Our client-centered approach puts the power back in your hands, relieves stress, and humanizes what can feel like a dehumanizing situation.

Preserving Your Relationships

Still Saving You More Than Money - Alexander Mediation GroupDivorce rarely involves parties who will never interact again.  Especially when children are involved, you will likely be interacting with your former spouse possibly daily, well into the future, and for the rest of your lives.  We believe that the quality of your relationship with your ex-spouse significantly impacts your future quality of life as well as that of your children.  Mediation, unlike litigation, promotes the maintenance of respectful relationships throughout the divorce process, resulting in friendlier, healthier relationships in the future.

An amicable divorce is a gift to yourself, your former spouse, and your children.

Divorce can be difficult for children, and when there is conflict and discord between parents, it reverberates with the children.  Amicable divorce maintains a respectful, cooperative relationship with your former spouse that can be critical to the security and development of your children.

Many couples find that the terms of their divorce need to be revisited in the future as situations change.  A good working relationship with your ex-spouse is critical in making future changes peaceable.

Remember, mediation isn’t just for divorce—post-divorce mediation is not uncommon. Click here to learn more about post-divorce mediation.